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On all photos left to right
Boanong Gus ( Boanong Ned II x Binnowong Amy ) , Boanong Kellie , Boanong Puddii ( Boanong Ned II x Boanong Diamond )


Boanong Luke II Immortalised in Water Colour 17/12/2018

This is a watercolour painting of Boanong Luke II. A couple of weeks ago a watercolour artist rang me to see if she could do a watercolour painting of a photo on my website.
This is the result

Boanong Kellie standing and Boanong Pudiii in front 7/9/2018


Boanong Ned ll putting sheep into shed.


New Boanong Dam Boanong Trixee.

Trixee works on a large sheep and cattle property in the high country near Numeralla NSW.
Excellent mustering bitch. Planning on getting a litter from her later this year.


Boanong Kelli 6 months 13.12.2017


Boanong Kelpies working in the high country near Numeralla NSW


Dave Walsh working Boanong Tilly ( Boanong Ned II x Boanong Moira )

in the Novice Utility Trial at Mia Mia where Tilly placed 3rd out of 20 dogs

Dave also placed 5th in the same trail with Boaning Lacey (Boanong Jayco x Boaning Delta )


Boanong Lacey ( Boanong Jayco x Boanong Delta )

with some of her recent winning ribbons/p>


Boanong Kellie ( Boanong Ned II x Binnowong Amy )

Pictured here at 3 months of age September 2017


Boanong Trixee ( Pomanda Titan x Boanong Diamond ) blocking up

She is owned and worked by Helen Litchfield in high hilly country on the Monaro. Only a young bitch. Works sheep or cattle.


In America - Boanong Spud (Avenpart King 1st x Binnowong Amy)

Hi James,
Thought you might like to see this recent pic of Spud. Kirby is using him here to dog break some registered Brangus cattle. Spud very adaptable on sheep or cattle according to Kirby and coming along well. He likes him a lot. Just thought you might like to see him all grown up.

 Dog Tails - Barking Mad


Picture from the past

This picture from the past belongs to Richie Munro of Wagga. The photograph was taken in the late 1920's on "Windradene" Reids Flat, when the property was owned by James Munro and Doug Sidey. The inventiveness of people in the bush is well illustrated here with carts or light drays being used as the basis for a bridge across the river. The sheep seem to be doing well, even though there are no sides to the bridge, which is just a bit short to cover all the water.


Boanong Puckawidgee (view pedigree)

Hi James,
We took some new photos of Pucka today to advertise his puppies, thought you might be interested to see what he looks like now.
Ian is very happy with him and I am sure we will be back down to see you again one day to get another pup!
All the best,
Ian & Brenda McColl



Simon Bowden with Boanong Tas - Aust Championship 2014

Simon Bowden with Boanong Tas - Aust Championship from David Lindsay on Vimeo.


Young Ones

Two of my young bitches Boanong Elka (left) and Boanong Lilly (right) (Boanong Ned II x Binnowong Amy) Born28.8.13 . They are litter sisters.
Both are showing a lot of promise. They have natural heading and holding ability .Elka is showing good casting ability. They are both of good kelpie type. Very keen. Should have back and bark as they love jumping up on kennels etc.

Have not been tried in the yard as yet.
Will be retained for breeding at this stage.


Boanong Beauty on left , Boanong Millee, and then Boanong Darcy working together on some Bimini Park Brangus Stud weaners.


Hi James, I hope you are well, and that you have had a good Easter.

Just a short note to tell you that Tas worked very well at the Australian Yard Championships at Lucindale recently, placing 6th. He should of placed much higher on his quality of work, but I let him down, walking in the wrong direction coming out of the draft gate the second time, and then stopping dead when I realised!!

If you haven't noticed, you can watch him in his run on the WKC web site.

Unfortunately, we could not attend the NKFT at Tailem Bend, but he is even better outside, so that was a shame.

Thanks for breeding such a great dog,
Simon Bowden.


Beauty in Cairns

Boanong Beauty has been in Cairns the past few months being mated to Boanong Darcy ( Boanong Oliver x Boanong Mowse )

Julie and Laurie Wright "Bimini Kelpies" have been keeping me updated and the good news is Beauty has just whelped 7 healthy pups on 8.11.13, all black and tan. 5 males, 2 females. They will raise the pups at Bimini and then Beauty will return to Boanong with a black and tan male. Boanong Darcy has been a successful sire for their stud and we were all keen to get a litter.


Boanong Lacey Impresses on her recent visit to Boanong

Boanong Lacey ( Boanong Jayco x Boanong Delta ) Born 7.8.12

Photos of Lacey being demonstrated by owner Dave Walsh on 2.11.13 at 14 months of age.

Thanks James and yes she does look like Nell.... I've had a smile from ear to ear since Saturday after Lacey went so well. My worry had been that i would ruin or waste her because of my inexperience in training a sheep dog.
I've bred and trained many hunting dogs of different breeds over the last 20 years, and have considered myself very good with dogs, but i had never trained one for stock work. I began with buying a DVD and reading many books to get us started, then went along to some training schools which have all aided in our learning. Now i know because of her good breeding she has a huge amount of natural instinct, but i would like to believe I've played a part in getting her to where she is at this point. I still have more work to do with her, but I'm enjoying every minute of it and I'm excited at the possibilities of one day breeding her, and owning and training another Kelpie or two. She's even taken to rounding up our piglets when they get out.
Thanks again James take care and stay in touch.
Remember if your ever in the area give us a call and drop in.
David and Kelly.


RIP BOANONG SCOTT 4.3.99 - 7.9.2013

Some sad news to report on Boanong Scott who died at the age of 14 and half years in early September.

I owe an awful lot to this brilliant little dog. He was a mainstay in my contract mustering team for many years. Scott was put into work at 3 months of age( which is very early for most dogs) and he handled it well. A lot of dogs aren’t ready until 12 - 18 months but Scott wanted to work hard early.

There was no job I couldn’t do with Scott whether it be on 3 or 3000. He could handle the trickiest of jobs but then could yard a mob of 1500 full wool ewes and lambs on a muggy day with ease. He shifted hundreds of thousands of sheep on an annual basis. Handy on cattle. I am forever indebted to his loyalty and work ethic for which my job was made so much easier. Scott’s influence carries on through his daughter Boanong Delta . Also semen in storage. RIP Scotty




UPDATE from Tracy Huxtable from Devonairs Kelpie Stud in England

BOANONG ECHO ( Boanong Luke II x Boanong Diamond ) Exported 1.5.2012

Hi James
Hope you are keeping well. Just thought I would let you know how Echo is coming along. Echo is turning out to be a alround worker, she has now done some work in the yard and also some backing in the race, she is very easy to handle out in the field and to be honest no trouble at all in any way. Echo is due to have her first litter October 8th to Razor.

Kind Regards



Hi James
Hope all is well and your health is good?
I have a quick question in regards to a backing dog. Do you teach this or is it natural ability?
We do not require a backing dog for working cattle and have never thought of this.

Millee has a natural ability to climb/back everything. She balances on top of hay bales, bikes, tractors, actually anything. Very excitable. We think one day we will find her in the paddock standing on top of a weaner calf.

She is a great asset and has been working weaner cattle since 7 months. We normally do not introduce until at least 12 month, but she is sooooooo keen. Great natural ability.

Talk soon

Hi Julie
You can teach it and some just do it naturally. Some don't like it and resent being told to so its best to have a natural backer if you need it. Millee has it in her pedigree, when they love to jump and climb it's a good indication they will back.. Moira the sister is the same. I'm liking the sound of Millee quite a lot. Some people talk about dogs backing cattle but to me it's a no go. Too dangerous and I don't see the benefit other than it might look spectacular, to me its poor stockmanship.

Hope all is well with you


Vale Coleslea Sandy
Passed away late November in her sleep at 16 years and 3 months of age. She was a top all round worker and breeder of same. She had a wonderful friendly approach to people and was always a favourite with everyone.

Rest in Peace Sandy.


"GRUNT" - Recently I received a query from a client who wanted to know the meaning and term of "Grunt" regarding a description of a dogs working style

ANSWER: "Grunt" indicates the dog will move sheep if they (the sheep) feel they don't want to move just at the moment! and you are needing to get the sheep from A to B without having to take each sheep and push it there yourself!! I am very aware of stock welfare but there are times when sheep decide they want camp and have 40 winks. A dog like King is helpful to get the sheep into places and areas the sheep don't seem fussed about going into, by using bark and bounce. Backing is a handy tool (but only one of many) used to keep sheep flowing in the yard.


HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY to Coleslea Sandy
She turns 16 on 15.8.12 . a remarkable effort.


Boanong Ned II (Boanong Jayco x Boanong Delta ) born 29.5.2011 will be retained as a Sire. You can see even in the photos he oozes that calm strength. He is a good strong type with natural presence. Very free bark when needed, eye and walk up. He is showing all the attributes of his Grand Sire Boanong Oscar and Great Grandfather Karrawarra Nick (Bob) This rare photo of Karrawarra Nick (below far right) shows the similarity.

Boanong Ned II

Boanong Ned II

Boanong Ned II

Karrawarra Nick


Boanong Spook
Sells for $5800 at the Wagga Working Dog Auction for Simon Hartwich.
Boanong Spook (see Testimonials page) is a litter brother to Boanong Tash (see Dams page)


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