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Overseas Emails
Recently Boanong Working Kelpies have received a number of complimentary emails from overseas ,It is really pleasing and I am grateful for people that have taken the time,
Here are a few:

Received: 2.5.2012
Hello James

I live in South Africa. I enclose a photo of 'Iremey Xani' who is now 5 months old (born 23 November 2011) and bred by Irene Coetzee from Prieska in the Northern Cape. Her Great grandmother is Boanong Claire who was imported by Mr MJ Swart (parents were Pomanda George and Pratts Chelsea).

Just thought I will let you know what's happening in the other side of the world ... a fantastic little dog with very high drive and energy and lots of natural herding abilities.

Kind regards,
Liesl Twyman

Received: 10.5.2012
Email recieved From - Bill McKinnon regarding Boanong Crystal (Boanong Oliver x Boanong Beauty) who was exported to New Zealand in 2009 and has proven to be a great worker and breeder. These photos were taken in June 2009 before she left for New Zealand. To view Crystal in New Zealand today visit www.workingkelpie.co.nz


I hope all is well with you and that the season has been a good one as it has been here. I ended up giving Crystal to Ken McNuer who has the Illawara Stud, on the basis of having a pup out of each litter. She had a litter to Karana Scout ( which goes back to your Buster) last year, and the pup from that, that I gave to my nephew has turned out to be amazing. He rang me yesterday to say that he tried it out in the yards of the meat works that he manages and his yard men who use huntaway's were quite incredulous at it's ability. At only seven months. So all is good. I keep looking at your site wondering if I would like to do it again?

Regards to you and yours, Bill


Boanong Echo
(Boanong Luke II x Boanong Diamond)
Flys out to the UK 1/5/12 .This will be Boanong's second export to The Devonairs KelpieStud following on from Boanong Trixie who was exported in Whelp to Boanong Sam in 2004.


Oscar semen to USA
Semen from Boanong Oscar will be dispatched to the US following the sale of semen to Victoria Avery. They have a daughter of Boanong Hope who was exported to the USA in 1998. Boanong Hope was by Milburn Basil and out of my foundation bitch Karrawarra Meggs.


Initial Email I received from Vicki Avery in March

Dear James,
I purchased a bitch out of Boanong Hope from Rick Pinney a number of years ago (DeHaro's Kym) and have been wanting to write to tell you how much I appreciate her. My husband and I are commercial sheep producers in western Oregon and we have lots of opportunites to use our dogs on a daily basis. We are just finishing up lambing, so I have been using her quite a bit on ewe/lamb pairs, but am just as likely to use her on cattle. Besides being versatile, she has a lovely temperament. I have to say she is the most biddable Kelpie I've had.
Thanks for your part in her breeding your contribution to the Kelpie breed.
Vicki Avery USA



Boanong Echo
(Boanong Luke II x Boanong Diamond)
pictured here at 4 months. She is due to be exported to England end of April 2012 to the Devonairs Kelpie Stud near Devon.



This is an email i recieved from a very old client Anthony Uren. Anthony is a very good stockman having worked and managed many stations in the Riverina and Northern New South Wales. Boanong Wally was a son of Pomanda George who I purchased from Nancy Withers Pomanda Stud in 1992. George was a very good station dog and won a few trials as well as siring some good litters for me . These include the litter that Wally was from. Wally’s mother Bellrock Anna was from Ross Clarkes Bellrock stud in Victoria. I received her for a service fee for Karrawarra Jake who I had at the time. I broke in Bellrock Anna and had a litter or two from her after which she was sold to the Karrawarra Stud in Queensland. Highly thought of by Tony Parsons and Pat Murphy . She bred many good dogs for Tony and Pat at Karrawarra. It was great to hear from Anthony.

G’day James,

Noticed your advertisement in the Land this week and thought I would touch base.
I hope things are well at your end, fantastic season up here at Walcha.
I had to put Wally down last year, very sad day, had been a fantastic working dog and a great mate.
Boanong Wally: Born 24/04/98, (Sire: Pomanda George, Dam: Bellrock Anna)
I currently only have 1 dog at the moment and he is by a cream dog I purchased from you who was sired by Milburn Bazil (I think I’m Right)
I always liked the type and temperament of the dogs you bred, and am interested in purchasing another.
I would greatly appreciate you updating me on what you’re up to, pup wise.

Anthony Uren

Congi Station
Woolbrook NSW 2354


Boanong Duke
(Boanong Buster x Karrawarra Ding V) Pictured here at 14 months of age , sent to me by Dave Turner “ Beaumaris Kelpie Stud”. Duke has already been used as a Sire by the Beaumaris Stud.,an excellent worker and his first litter are now on the ground and looking really good says Dave.


Boanong Tas (Boanong Jayco x Boanong Beauty)

has won the Bradley Sisters Trophy for Best Type at the 2011 National Kelpie Trial. This is the 2nd time he has won the Prestigious honour, having won it also in 2009.


Boanong Sami
(Boanong Digger x Boanong Mowse)

with David Smith of "Larcombe Kelpie Stud" WA, with her daughter Larcombe Yodel and son Larcombe Rock. Sami was sold to The Larcombe stud as a stud breeder in 2009.



This is Boanong Keli (Boanong Buster x Karrawarra Ding) working for his owner in Holland at 5 months of age.



Boanong Tas wins Yard dog championship in Tasmania

Boanong Tas
Sire: Boanong Jayco
Dam Boanong Beauty
Black and Tan male Born 14.09.2008

Winner of the 2009 Bradley Sisters Trophy for Best Type Kelpie at the 2009 National Kelpie Trial.
Boanong Tas won the Novice Yard Dog Title in Tasmania on the 30th of May 2010 aged 20months.He is owned and worked by Simon Bowden. Tas is also an excellent station dog working mobs of up to 3000 Merino ewes.


Boanong Buster wins the Southern New South Wales Yard Dog Title at Wagga

Boanong Buster

Recently won the Southern New South Wales Yard Dog Title at Wagga
He is the current Australian Yard Dog Champion
Buster won the National Kelpie Trial in 2004
Buster is also a hard working all round , station dog
Boanong Buster is a proven sire of quality workers
He is owned and worked by Michael Johnston who operates the well known "Milburn Kelpie Stud"