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Boanong Flag & Boanong Ribbon
(Boanong Ned II x Boanong Moira)

September 2014

Good Evening James,
Hope you are well
I would like to thank you for these 2 special pups , both have excellent natures and a pleasure to do anything with. I have exposed them to a few old dog trainer sheep (for only a few minutes) they went straight to work, both are very keen and quick across the ground, naturally get to the head, showing medium eye and walk straight in. I think the dog (Flag) will be super strong he has no back down. The bitch (Ribbon) isn’t far behind him though.

Early days I know but from what I've seen they are looking (outstanding) for babies.
Anyway if you go that way with Ned and Moira Again you can put me down for a couple more pups. I definitely think your on a winner with that mating. I am wrapped with these 2 pups
Absolute credit to you. You should be very proud.

A whole lot more breeders need to take a huge leaf out of your book and breed for the working traits and stamina of the Kelpie instead of (mass production of ordinary dogs, I hear it all the time from unhappy farmers and station hands)
I run 5 grown dogs not including the little fellows.
The dogs are in real work most of the year, all xb ewe and lamb work , they need to have a lot of touch on they're sheep (xbs being what they are) and this country gets extremely wet and sheep get very sticky as we handle them a lot.
Kind Regards, Kim Dyson,Yass



Supreme Kelpie Stud supreme-kelpie-stud.webs.com
Milburn Sue is the daughter of Milburn Basil, a dog that needs no introductions. Only Boanong Buster and Karana Abba today could place themselves in the light on Milburn Basil.

Quote from top kelpie handler and breeder Kevin Howell
Abba II is a very good all round dog, the type of dog everyone would love to own, full of good quality work and will keep on trying when things get tough or the day is getting a bit long, a great dog and he is by Boanong Buster owned by Michael Johnston and I believe Buster is one of the best Kelpies ever bred.


(Boanong Jayco x Boanong Beauty)
Owned and worked by Simon Bowden

Tas is a pleasure, and a joy to own and work. I manage 10,000 acres, and run sheep in large mobs, the biggest at present is 3,200 '08 drop ewes. Tas is the only Dog I have ever seen, who went from a training mob, (about 10 sheep) to working 3,000 sheep, single handed, at 6 months of age. He is the most natural worker I've ever owned. Tas has a nice wide cast, and always gets to the balance point of the mob, no matter what size. He has a searching cast, and will re-adjust his cast, upon spotting other wider stock. Tas works out of sight, with no need for commands, for kilometers at a time, with no worry of him missing or leaving any behind.

Tas competed in the 2009 National Kelpie Field Trial, at Westbury in Tasmania, at the age of 14 months, and I'm very proud to say, that he was chosen "best type" Kelpie. Since then, Tas has won the Tasmanian State Novice Yard Trial Championship for 2010, at the age of 18 months. Tas has competed in one yard trial as an "improver", and was good enough to make the "open" final with that run, and only inexperience cost him the "open" win.

To say that I'm smitten with Tas, is an understatement, but you can gaurentee that he is a result of a quality breeding operation.

Update on Tas June 2011.

Hi James, hope you are well,
Just a short note, to say that Tas won the Tasmanian State Improver Yard Dog Championship on Friday.
Trial was judged by Mr Ian O'Connell from Victoria, and Tas worked very well.


(Boanong Oscar x Boanong Tip Toe)
(Boanong Jayco x Boanong Casey)
Owned by Rob and Rosie Kay of Deniliquin

It is a shame you haven’t been well enough to come over and watch Kevin in action. He is wonderful. He has this "Push ‘em up lark down pat". We have sheep here on adjistment – so he is getting a bit of work. He is a nice, calm, quiet dog despite his tender years. His ability to work the sheep improves every time he goes out there, he seems to think it through and then go about the job – I hope when you eventually get around to see him in action you are as impressed as I am biased!

We have 10 new pullets and he works them much the same as he does the sheep, prefers the eye to force, The poor little feather brains! As you probably remember Casey was DRIVEN by sheep work and would nick off and chase our sheep, the neighbours sheep – any sheep. But Kev isn’t like that. We have sheep right around the house and he doesn’t bother them, UNTIL you give him the command then he is 110% on the job and sheep work is ABSOLUTELY his favourite thing in the whole world.


(Boanong Jayco x Boanong Beauty) She is owned by Jack Fardell of Euchareena.
Gabby a litter sister to Boanong Tas who won the Bradley Sisters trophy for best type at the 2009 National Kelpie Trial

At present she is joined to a very good black and tan station dog. To be honest, I cant speak highly enough of her.




(Pomanda George XPratts Chelsea)

Yes still farming in Africa
Boanong Clair had 56 pups 54 lived 2born dead.
Bonoang Clair is 11 but, still a help.
Boanong Clair owned and worked by Johan Swart of South Africa . Stud breeder of Dormer Sheep [website]


(Boanong Jayco x Boanong Delta)
Boanong Nell
(Boanong Jayco x Boanong Delta)
Owned and worked by Maxwell Stewart

Both Nell and Snow show an abundance of natural instinct and cast well. Nell casts much wider and will pick up stray sheep, while Snow casts much closer to the sheep. Both dogs show very strong eye, and do not show force when casting to bring sheep back. This means however that sheep are not rushed, and are brought back at a steady pace.

Snow is a tireless worker, and shows no fear when working in the yards, race or in trucks. Both dogs will apply force and bark in the yards.

The only limitation these dogs have is in myself being able to correctly harness or cultivate their instinct.


(Boanong Oliver x Boanong Mowse)
Owned and worked by Laurie and Julie Wright near cairns in QLD. He is worked mostly on cattle

Darcy is a first class dog and has great natural ability. He is very keen, reads cattle well, is strong and forceful (without bite) and has good holding ability. He is very versatile and works well in both paddock and yards. He is very loyal and a great mate.

The litter was born on Mar 6th, 6 B&T and 3 R&T, 3 males and 6 females. I hope you do not mind but the big B&T male we have nicknamed Oscar (Big O), he is a beaut. Trying to talk Laurie into letting me keep him? Ha! He wanted me to stop at just 2 dogs.